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Meet Fran Benjamin

Fran has 15 years of experience guiding people and organizations through transformation.  Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, his work has concentrated in the Technology and Life Science industries, as well as with artist and activist communities.  Fran currently leads People and Talent for GRAIL, Inc. one of the world’s fastest growing Life Sciences Technology startups dedicated to detecting cancer early when it can be cured.  He coaches the c-suite on amplifying sound leadership throughout the organization. He guides teams to build cohesion and efficacy through trust, connection, and communication.

Prior to joining GRAIL, Fran built a career at the intersection of leadership and diversity. Leading Diversity Strategy at Airbnb, he guided leaders through personal transformation, mindset shift, and organizational change to build highly effective teams anchored in diversity.  He consulted to Fortune 100 and entrepreneurial executives on building leadership ecosystems and inclusive cultures during his time as Chief of Staff for Deloitte Consulting’s Leadership Center for Clients. His experience leading teams of 30+ across global geographies informs how he guides clients.   He has advised companies such as NIKE, Genentech, Intuit, Cargill, and Bayer.

Fran spent time in the Middle East working in conflict resolution, peace, and reconciliation—an experience that still informs his approach to inclusive leadership and human interaction. He was also the Executive Director of Swing Low Theatre Company, a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting xenophobia and hate.  Fran was an Organizational Behavior Fellow at the UCLA Anderson School of Management where he received his MBA.  He was fortunate to be a Norman Topping Scholar at the University of Southern California, a cohort of first generation and minority college students—a community he cares for deeply. Fran completed his Professional Coaching Certification with New Ventures West and is an Integral Coach.

Fran has coached startup executives, global corporate executives, folks transitioning to leadership roles, managers, artists, and parents.

When not coaching, Fran spends time bringing beauty to the world as a cabaret performer, vocalist, and visual artist.