Benjamin Leadership

Tending to the full human experience of leadership


Point of View

an ecosystem of support

Neuroscience is fundamentally changing how we consider leadership and human thriving. It requires a holistic approach. Leaders that thrive are leaders that tend to the full system that supports them in all endeavors—including deliberate mind-body health. Some conceive of the components of this system simply as head, heart, and body. Said differently, leadership cannot be relegated to any one element of one’s life. The physical experience influences the emotional reality which impacts our behaviors, in addition to and sometimes in spite of our brains’ brilliance and capacity. Therefore, Benjamin Leadership invests in the full ecosystem that supports the leader to thrive in all elements of their lives. This is how we go from aspiration to reality.

awareness, insight, Practice

Development begins with awareness of self. We will work together to gain an increased awareness about the leader(s)’ experience, competencies, skills, and relationships.

Insight and reflection—or meaning-making—about the areas of new awareness help to inform a path forward for development.

Practice—namely, repeated activities that develop new ways of being in the body and mind—is essential to shift patterns, gain competencies, and change habits. Our work together will focus on developing ongoing practices that shift the full leadership ecosystem to support the leader(s)’ aspirations. This is the work.


Underpinning all Benjamin Leadership work is an emphasis on inclusion and human connection across difference. We employ a keen understanding of the cognitive heuristics (implicit biases) that impact our ability to lead and to change. A responsibility for inclusive leadership and equitable society is woven into the fabric of all engagements with Benjamin Leadership.