Whether an individual leader, team, or organization the leadership journey begins with working together to define a thoughtful, effective, and creative path.

Where will you begin?

01. Leadership & Individual Coaching

Identify and harness your unique potential and abilities in service of your aspirations.

In the most straightforward terms, coaching means building someone’s competence to better face their unique circumstances, challenges, or aspirations. Practically speaking, successful coaching leaves people with the following outcomes:

  • Long-term excellence

  • The ability to self-correct

  • Competence in being self-generating

This is accomplished through 1-to-1 sessions typically over 6, 9, or 12-month engagements. It begins with a process of awareness-building through a number of means, moves to gain deep insights that contribute to development, and is supported by practices that develop new habits and ways of addressing one’s circumstances with excellence.

02. Pair & team coaching

Build cohesion and efficacy through trust, connection, and communication.

Pair and team coaching builds on the individual coaching model and framework but expands the subject to the relationship or to the relational system. Common pair and team coaching engagements begin with an interest in addressing areas such as:

  • Shared purpose and vision

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communicating effectively across difference

  • Understanding and working effectively with team diversity (visible and invisible diversity—e.g. personality, types, thought, etc.)

03. leadership development

Scale inclusive and effective leadership behaviors to the entire team, system, or organization.

Informed by practice and research, leadership development with Benjamin Leadership is focused on the strategic objectives of the system, team, or organization. This type of development work (like coaching) requires that the team incorporate new practices and ways of being in order to truly change—that’s where we make significant impact together. Leadership for leadership’s sake often falls flat with the audience and lacks staying power. Leadership development rooted in clear and strategic aspirations elevates the entire system.

Common leadership development engagements:

  • Content development and expertise, including broad ranging topics (from leadership empowerment, mindful leadership, neuroscience of leadership, diversity and inclusion, trust and candor, resilience, and growth mindset to mindfulness and somatics, as just some examples)

  • Facilitation

  • Program and leadership systems design

04. diversity & inclusion

Integrate equity, inclusion, and belonging into all leadership practices.

Underpinning all services Benjamin Leadership provides is an emphasis on inclusion and human connection across difference. Benjamin Leadership has extensive background in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging and consults extensively on these topics. You may be seeking to address specific inclusion aspirations, which may include:

  • Culture

  • Accountability

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Leadership (e.g. Inclusion Coaching)

  • Community + Partnerships

  • Implicit bias and entrenched organizational systems