Leadership Development & Facilitation


Scale inclusive and effective leadership behaviors to the entire team, system, or organization.

Informed by practice and research, leadership development with Benjamin Leadership is focused on the strategic objectives of the system, team, or organization. This type of development work (like coaching) requires that the team incorporate new practices and ways of being in order to truly change—that’s where we make significant impact together. Leadership for leadership’s sake often falls flat with the audience and lacks staying power. Leadership development rooted in clear and strategic aspirations elevates the entire system.

Common leadership development engagements:

  • Content development and expertise, including broad ranging topics (from leadership empowerment, mindful leadership, neuroscience of leadership, diversity and inclusion, trust and candor, resilience, and growth mindset to mindfulness and somatics, as just some examples)

  • Facilitation

  • Program and leadership systems design

Fran Benjamin